Lawfully formed State and County Common Law Juries

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Grand Juries of Common Law . is the social media hub for accurate and lawful formation of common law juries across the country. So much great work is being done by men and women who have worked tirelessly (some for nearly 50 years). Our  people are willing to share their success and “how to” allowing you to avoid mistakes and misteps that can harm your efforts.

We are forming state common law juries to address issues in a consistent and lawful manner based on proven lawful methods . This is exacting work and if done incorrectly  your assembly and jury will be unlawful.

Each state now has a “State” Facebook page. We will be  establishing digital news aggregators for each state.

When you join our team at this level you  can assume responsibility as an editor for  your state’s page. You could post the daily talking points from our site to the appropriate  Grand Jury of Common Law  < State> Facebook page. Your position  will grow to the size and responsibility you will accept. The resources are in place. Momentum is building. Now is the moment  to get involved and get off the sidelines.

You will identify and screen people who inquire and wish to join you in the state you select.  It is our goal for our state forming leaders will operate and organize with autonomy while  lawfully  overseeing the jury process. once you are given the resources to create a lawful asembly and jury you are ready to begin to call for your assembly . As you grow your assembly you will

  1. have at least  three meetings attended by 25 persons or more each meeting
  2. Once your assembly meets regularly and those attending have  a good grasp on the issues before us …
  3. then your assembly can  select randomly or elect by secret ballot  25 men and/or women who will serve as jurists  for a 1 year term.
  4. Your jury begins to function. First  addressing local issues of corruption.

As an example:

Currently a Florida common law grand jury is investigating a complaint against Darlington SC for operation of  a “speed trap’ and having a court being presided over by a  misguided judge consistently making errors that harm the people.

As a goal we intend to offer our national network of common law juries to the GOP  or a third political party as an organizing asset.

Our goal is to find the person or persons who will step forward and unify our nation using the common law juries as an important tool to restore America. Do not be a “Ben Franklin” who offs to France while the patriots did the heavy lifting sacrificing all in many cases. As the woman who gave a penny was recognized as having given all she had ,Its time to give all  you have.

When we  dream big, we dream and create unity through solutionsWhen you decide to engage with your state  to help us in a meaningful way please use the contact form below.

Unity Through Solutions Regional Groupings
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The grid below will  be completed by December 31st with all FB pages linked for easy access.

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If you would like to volunteer to help us in a meaningful way please contact us with the form below.